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ASIL-certified plug-and-play dual-channel gate driver boards for Infineon™ EconoDUAL™ 17-mm IGBT power modules up to 1200 V

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Data Sheet
IGBT Voltage Class
ISO26262 Functional Safety Level
Supported Module Type
Supported Module(s)
Protection Features
Temperature - Storage (Max)
Supported Topologies
Power - Output/Channel (Max)
Paralleling Support?
Temperature - Operating (Min)
Time - Output Rise
Time - Output Fall
Voltage - DC Link Switching
Temperature - Operating (Max)
Interface Type
Temperature - Storage (Min)
Logic Input Voltage
Isolation Technology
Gate Peak Current (Max)
Gate Turn-off Voltage
IGBT Manufacturer
Gate Turn-on Voltage
Conformal Coated?
Supply Voltage (Typ)
Isolation Type
Connection Type to IGBT
Module Housing
Number of Channels
Driver Monitoring
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IGBT Voltage Class 1200 V
ISO26262 Functional Safety Level ASIL B
Supported Module Type IGBT
Supported Module(s) FF900R12ME7W_B11
Protection Features Adv Active Clamping, Over-voltage, Short Circuit, UVLO(Sec-side), UVLO(Pri-side)
Temperature - Storage (Max) 50 ℃
Supported Topologies Integrated Half-Bridge
Power - Output/Channel (Max) 1.5 W
Paralleling Support? No
Temperature - Operating (Min) -20 ℃
Time - Output Rise 5 ns
Time - Output Fall 10 ns
Voltage - DC Link Switching 1200 V
Temperature - Operating (Max) 50 ℃
Package Board
Interface Type Electrical
Temperature - Storage (Min) -40 ℃
Logic Input Voltage 5
Isolation Technology Galvanic
Gate Peak Current (Max) +29 A
Gate Turn-off Voltage -9.2 V
IGBT Manufacturer Infineon
Gate Turn-on Voltage +15.0 V
Conformal Coated? Yes
Supply Voltage (Typ) 5 V
Isolation Type Reinforced
Connection Type to IGBT Direct
Module Housing 17mm
Number of Channels 2
Technology SCALE-2
Driver Monitoring None

Product Details

The 2SP0215F2Q0C is a dual channel gate driver for Infineon™ EconoDUAL™ 17 mm modules driving IGBT switches. The Plug-and-Play gate driver board is designed for applications requiring automotive qualification like electronic buses, electronic trucks, battery electrical vehicles, hybrid electrical vehicles or fuel cell inverters operating up to 1000 V battery voltage.

The gate driver provides automotive related protection functionalities and diagnostics. A galvanic isolated IGBT module integrated NTC read-out provides IGBT module temperature information.

Product Highlights

  • Ready-to-use dual channel gate driver solution for EconoDUAL™
  • 7 mm IGBT power modules up to 1200 V
  • Primary-side electrical interface with reinforced isolation
  • +20 A / -15 A peak output gate current
  • Up to 20 kHz switching frequency
  • Gate power of 1.5 W per channel at maximum ambient temperature
  • Digital Communication Interface
  • -40 °C to +85 °C operating ambient temperature
  • Operation up to 5500 m altitude
  • High common-mode transient immunity

Protection, Safety and Diagnostic Features

  • 5 V input logic
  • DC-link Active Discharge (AD) function (Optional)
  • Motor Active Short Circuit (ASC) function (Optional)
  • Galvanically isolated analog temperature measurement for module integrated NTC elements
  • Rail-to-rail stabilized secondary-side output voltage
  • Integrated FluxLink™ technology providing reinforced isolation barrier between primary-side and secondary-side
  • Advanced Resistive Overvoltage Control (AROC) controlled soft turn-off in response to any critical failure
  • Internal communication monitoring
  • Undervoltage monitoring (UVLO) for primary-side and secondary-side
  • Secondary-side overvoltage monitoring (OVLO)
  • Gate monitoring
  • Two-stage primary-side and secondary-side die temperature monitoring
  • Desaturation monitoring
  • DC/DC controller over current monitoring
  • Separate isolated digital failure and status outputs
  • Active Miller clamp
  • Conformal coating

Full Safety and Regulatory Compliance

  • ASIL-B certification (pending)
  • Clearance and creepage distances between primary and secondary sides meet requirements for reinforced isolation (according to IEC 60664-1, IEC 60664-3)
  • SEooC product certification (pending)
  • 100% production partial discharge test
  • 100% production HIPOT testing at 4000 kVRMS for 1 s


  • E-Bus and E-Truck traction inverter
  • Diesel-electric traction inverter
  • Fuel cell inverter
  • Agricultural and construction vehicles and equipment
  • Other automotive and industrial applications