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Burn-in Process

What Is Burn-In?

Burn-in is a process done to electronic components prior to regular use to detect failure and ensure reliability. This is done by running a power supply through the electronics at an elevated temperature continuously for many hours.

Download the PDF: Burn-In for Gate Drivers

The typical lifespan and failure rates of semiconductors can best be illustrated by the Bathtub Curve. Many failures occur during the early stages of operational life (infant mortalities). By elevating the temperature during testing, failure mechanisms are accelerated to eliminate any early device failures.

Power Integrations gate driver products supports demanding applications with >100,000 hour operating lifetime. Factory burn-in process prevents potentially costly damages, reduces total cost of ownership and streamlines production.

Burn-In Profile

  • 100% production test
  • 23 hour burn-in cycle
  • Three cycles -40 °C to +85 °C (258 minutes)
  • 1092 minute dwell-time at 85 °C
  • 30 minute off-time at 25 °C
  • Customer-specific burn-in profile on request


Key Features

  • Eliminates challenges posed by in-house solutions
  • Removes the need for specialized subcontractors
  • Reduces failure rate by up to 15 PPM
  • Extended warranty available with burn-in


  • Mission-critical and high reliability systems
  • Transportation
  • Electrical generation and transmission