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RDR-964 - 300 W 3-Phase Inverter Using BridgeSwitch with IPH Current Information in FOC Operation

300 W 3-phase inverter using BridgeSwitch (BRD1265C) with IPH current information in field-oriented control (FOC) operation

  • BridgeSwitch with IPH motor phase functionality built-in reduces related component count from 30 to 3:
    • No op-amps for current signal conditioning
    • No current sense resistors
  • 97% efficient high-voltage brushless DC motor drive
  • Fully self-biased operation simplifies auxiliary power supply
    • Supports external bias operation as needed
  • Supports any microcontroller for sensorless FOC through the signal interface
  • 340 VDC input, 300 W continuous 3-phase inverter output
  • 0.98 ARMS continuous motor phase current