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DER-867 - 2-Wire BLE Smart Wall Switch using LinkSwitch-TNZ with Relay Zero-Voltage Switching and Automatic Set/Reset Time Calibration

2-wire Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) wall switch for smart lighting or motorized shading using LinkSwitch-TNZ (LNK3302)

  • No neutral wire required: compatible with 2-wire home and building wiring
  • Wide input range: 90 VAC - 277 VAC
  • Automatic set/reset time calibration at start-up
  • Relay switching at AC zero cross
  • Non-isolated power supply with half-wave rectifier
  • 3 W to 500 W resistive load; 5 W to 150 W LED load
  • Lower than 150 µA standby (including BLE) at 230 VAC
  • Smartphone app control