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Type: Voluntary Label
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Sponsored by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). One of the most visible certifications world-wide with energy efficiency specifications for consumer electronics, office equipment, appliances and external power supplies. ENERGY STAR is working closely with countries around the world to harmonize efficiency standards.


    Current Specification Version Current Specification Effective Date
Air Conditioner - Central and Air Source Heat Pump View current specification 5.0 15-Sep-15
View specification in development 6.0 Final draft phase
Air Conditioner - Room View current specification 4.1 26-Oct-15
View specification in development 4.2 Draft phase
Audio/Video View current specification 3.0 1-May-13
View specification in development 4.0 Research phase
Computers View current specification 8.0 15-Oct-20
Computer Servers See Enterprise Servers    
Copiers See Imaging Equipment    
Dishwashers - Commercial View specification in development 3.0 Final draft phase
Dishwashers - Residential View current specification 6.0 29-Jan-16
View specification in development 7.0 Draft 1 phase
Enterprise Servers View current specification 3.0 17-Jun-19
Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) View current specification 1.0 27-Dec-16
View specification in development 1.1 Draft 1 phase
External Power Supplies Program ended. View sunsetted specification    
Fans, Ceiling View current specification 4.0 15-Jun-18
Imaging Equipment (printers, scanners, copiers, FAX machines, etc.) View current specification  3.0 11-Oct-19
Large Network Equipment View specification in development 1.0 1-Mar-16
LED Lighting View current specifications for Lamps 2.1 1-Oct-17
View current specification for Light Fixtures (Luminaires) 2.2 15-Aug-19
Monitors/Displays View current specification 8.0 28-Jan-20
Multifunction Devices See Imaging Equipment    
Printers See Imaging Equipment    
Refrigerators and Freezers View current specification 5.0 15-Sep-14
Scanners See Imaging Equipment    
Set Top Boxes View current specification 5.1 1-Jan-17
Small Network Equipment View current specification 1.0 3-Sep-13
Smart Home Energy Management Systems (SHEMS) View current specification 1.0 3-Sep-19
Telephony View current specification 3.0 1-Oct-14
Televisions View current specification 8.0 1-Mar-19
View specification in development 9.0 Draft 1 phase
Uninterruptible Power Supplies View current specification 2.0 1-Jan-19
Watch this presentation with David Chen, PI Director of Applications Engineering:
Energy Standards - Learning Glass


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Source: ENERGY STAR. Please check source for latest information.