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RDK-707Q - 9.75 W Non-Isolated Bias Power Supply for Automotive Use usingLinkSwitch-TN2Q

9.75 W non-isolated bias power supply for automotive use using AEC-Q100 certified LinkSwitch-TN2Q (LNK3209GQ)

*Image enlarged to show details. Model car not included.

Design Document
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Associated Product Numbers LNK3209GQ
Design Type Design Example Reports (DER)
Topology Buck
Vout 1 15.00 V
Vin (min) 30
Vin (max) 550
P (NoLoad) 60.00 mW
Efficiency 78.00%
Isolated? No
Number of outputs 1
Output Power 9.75 W
Associated Parts LNK3209GQ
Gerber File